A typical day at Clare's Little Bears:

09:15 /13:00
Session starts. Parents sign their children in and are greeted by staff. The children self register themselves by finding their name and placing it on our resident bear. They are free to play with the activities that have been set up for the day, e.g. sand, play dough, small world etc.

09:30 /13:15
The children gather for a short welcome. We count the children, staff, helpers, and the activities for the day are discussed. We sing our welcome songs to start the day.

09:45 /13:30
The activities begin, and the doors to the outside space open. Outside is free flow for the children, subject to weather. The activities will be varied and change daily to ensure we have relevant activities for all children and to support the key areas of learning. Although we do offer planned activities every day, all our pre school resources are available to children at all times.

10:00 /14:30
Snacks are prepared and placed at snack table. All children have a choice of healthy snacks to choose from, such as fruit, vegetables, cheese and biscuits and yoghurt. Milk and water is also offered. The snack area is free flow, and is open until 11am/15.30pm. We will encourage all the children to have a snack during this time. Children wash and dry their own cup and plate when they have finished, and activities continue throughout snack time.

11:45 /15:15
All children are encouraged to help tidy away. 

11:55 / 15:25
We all then sit together for story and singing time, and to review the treasure basket of any items children brought from home that day. Every child has the opportunity to speak and ask questions.

12:15 / 15:45
Parents collect their children.

12:15 / 12:45
Lunch club.


Clare's Little Bears Pre-School

Stanmore Hall
Basils Road

07917 363980