what is famly?

Famly is the nursery software we use for administration, to register children and communicate with parents and guardians.  When your child starts at CLB you will be given log-in information.  You can also download a convenient app on your phone or computer.

We register your child on entering CLB on Famly.  You are able to add anyone with parental responsibility and family members who have permission to collect your child.  Using profile photos of your child and all persons with authority to collect them, this provides an additional layer of security during pick-up.  We will still ask who is collecting your child on a daily basis.

We will be able to let you know of upcoming events through Famly.  Sometimes you may want to communicate information, concerns or questions to us, but the pre-school door doesn’t offer the privacy you would like. This information can be sent to staff through Famly.

Please see the link below for more information.  Staff are available if any additional information is needed.